About me

My name is Ikuko and I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) as a qualified individual, couple and family counsellor. I have private practices in London and Sidcup and also work at Relate and a local theatre college.

I have a postgraduate degree (MA) in Relationship Therapy from the Relate Institute and work for Relate, the ‘Relationship People’. My interest lies in how people form, maintain, separate, connections and intimacy with others. The work is often vibrant, immediate and full of unexpected surprises, but I love the challenge and the humour, believe it or not!

I first became interested in counselling while I was volunteering at Home-Start, where they offered a counselling skills course. Ever since I have been participating in personal development courses.

My aim as a counsellor is to empower you individually and as a couple to make your own choices, offer a space to explore the difficulties you are experiencing, delve into and resolve past or recent issues, identify your inner strengths and resources to work through your difficulties. For couples, I endeavour to provide a space in which you can express your needs and be heard by your partner, and work through any communication difficulties.

We will work together at your own pace, without fear of criticism or blame. I always endeavour to provide a warm, caring and sensitive space that feels safe and confidential.

For all of us, life can sometimes be a challenging or meaningless struggle. We may feel stuck, helpless, overwhelmed or lonely. When we feel these strong emotions, sometimes this leads to feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. What we often seek is clarity and understanding.

The decision to seek counselling is a courageous and sometimes hard step and you may have questions before committing to it. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you have by calling 07757 215168.