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Here are some client testimonials :
“I found with Ikuko that I could be my true self in a warm and safe environment. I felt she understood me, more than myself at times. Ikuko listened and understood me. She helped me find my spiritual path, and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much for everything.”
– Miss S, Kent
“I have found my experience with Ikuko to be most helpful, a private space in which I can make sense of how I feel and think, a person that listens and understands what I have to say and who also challenges me at times to help me see other ways of viewing things.┬áIt is very difficult to know in advance how one will get along with a therapist so it is a risk, for me personally Ikuko is warm, friendly, and welcoming and has a very calm manner about her, without this I doubt I would have continued as I have done, thank you for that Ikuko.”
– Mr S, Kent
“I sought Iku’s help when going through a very trying period of my life. Deciding to seek counselling is difficult enough and it’s important that you don’t feel pathologised. Iku made me feel safe and free to express anything that was on my mind with no judgement. She’s very professional and compassionate, and gave me very effective tips to help me cope with my situation.”
– Miss M, Kent